If you are interested how to tackle data projects in an intelligent and effective way you've come to the right place.

I'm a solopreneur working mainly as a consultant in IT area. I'm passionate about how data we are collecting (or can collect) might impact the decision we take.

I have completed my Master studies in 2015 with a project trying to automate cancer grading in mammography images. In the same time, I have created a machine learning model being able to distinguish sentiment of polish sentences (been presented on 2 conferences and won the 1st place at both of them).

Currently, I'm also doing my Ph.D. at Wroclaw University of Technology conducting research on Anticipatory Learning Classifier Systems.

I'm here to share some tips and tricks in a way everybody can understand and make immediate use. In my opinion, a lot of things about data processing are over-complicated. I'm a big fan of pragmatical approach, where you actually learn by doing things.

About This Blog

This blog is dedicated to helping programmers and researchers for getting an intuition about the popular techniques for working with data projects. You will see how to use them in an easy and understandable way.

About Me

My name is Norbert Kozłowski. I've been interested in code since I was 7 years old (then I saw Turbo Pascal for the first time). Currently, I'm a Ph.D. candidate at Wroclaw University of Technology with a focus in Learning Classifier Systems.

My Facebook: Parrot Prediction
My Twitter: @parrot_ltd
My LinkedIn: Norbert Kozlowski

You can always contact me personally at khozzy (at) gmail.com

About Company

Information about the Parrot Prediction company and consulting services can be found here.